Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelry Retouching Service provides jewelry editing or retouching services for the Photographers and ecommerce professional online store at lower prices, but it provides 100% quality with the fastest delivery time – usually no more than 24 hours. Based on the quality and quality permissions of the photos, our jewelry designers enlarge the photo by 200% -300% when creating the path.

We deliver large jewelry projects on the same day; this is possible thanks to our dedication to attention and over 8 years of working with Photoshop and 28 professionals who work with jewelry photos only in the laboratory.

 Why do we have Retouch Jewelry Post Productions?

  • We have a dedicated jewelry retoucher 28
  • Retouch 100 + jewelry per day
  • No delay in delivery time
  • Lowest price per single image
  • Discount for bulk jewelry
  • Typical Processing Time 24 Hours

Our Jewelry Retouching Service photo editing experts are focused on editing all kinds of jewelry. Although our experience inspires basic retouching, we can edit several products to the most complex forms.

  • Correction of brightness, contrast, sharpness and tones
  • Change the color of gems and gold
  • Remove dust and remove poor reflection
  • Clean dust, scratches and remove poor reflection
  • Color Improvement for Gemstones and Precious Metals
  • Color adjustment
  • Having a stone a lot more shinning
  • Crop and create a realistic shadow
  • Making the stone more vibrant and brilliant
  • Resize and scale images
  • Cleaning and removing background
  • Natural shadow

What is our specialty?

Our exceptional focus on the jewelry photo editing service allows us to provide you with quality jewelry images. We understand the work of retouching jewelry, and our team of experts is here to oversee the editing of jewelry photo tracks. Be it wedding rings, necklaces or bracelets, we can edit your precious items to their true appearance. Our jewelry photo editing service experts have many years of experience to make attractive, as shown in real life. Also provide the best Jewelry Retouching Service

Your benefits

  • Image optimization
  • Retouched gold bracelet
  • Metallic effects for jewelry
  • Shiny, crystalline effects

Our jewelry retouching service team gives the relief perfect and precise detail. They bring true color and focus on every piece of jewelry and give impressive reflections. Thus, you get bright and attractive jewelry every time. And our editing ensures that you are always Jewelry Retouching Service.


Instead of Entry

In the era of the film process, small subject photography, including jewelry, watches, museum exhibits, etc. complicated by the fact that post-processing (retouching) was reduced mainly to the manual removal of the largest defects directly on the film or photographic plate, or to processing a paper print with pencil, ink and other familiar tools of the artist as Jewelry Retouching Service.

Then the photographer was forced to devote much more time to shooting, take care of every detail, the impeccable uniformity and purity of the background, and besides, he had no way to control the result during the shooting (except by using a trial exposure of the frame on a polaroid).

In the digital era, the work of subject and catalog photographers has been simplified, since they have two powerful tools in their hands: a camera that allows you to see the result directly during shooting and a rich arsenal of graphic editors with an extensive set of plug-ins for retouching, color correction and quick clipping.

What tasks should jewelry photo processing solve?

  1. Selection and conversion of source RAW files
  2. Elimination of product defects and noise
    Jewelery have a small size in reality, whereas in a practical application photographs can be printed in very large formats, where even the slightest defects and technological features (scratches, dents, lack of color, etc.) can look horrific. Also, image noise is superimposed on the image, especially in the shadows.
  3. Editing defective reflexes and completing them if necessary.
    When shooting, it is not always possible to align the light so that the reflexes on the product have an ideal shape. It is often easier to bring them to mind already during processing than to spend filming time. Often, individual reflexes are generally drawn completely from scratch where they were not at all when shooting.
  4. Improving the black and white pattern.
    During processing, a special gloss is achieved through careful processing and improvement of black and white contrasts, the addition of light and dark spots.
  5. Processing of precious stones.
    As a rule, the customer makes special demands on the quality of the gems available in the products. Even if the proper play of light is achieved when shooting, things can’t do without processing – somewhere you need to increase sharpness, somewhere to increase contrast, somewhere to add a color “spectrum”.
  6. Color correction.
    Usually, all frames need color correction, not only because of inaccuracies in the color rendition of the camera, but also because the product metal itself may have color irregularities or may not correspond to the customer’s ideal.
  7. Improving image sharpness and increasing local contrast.
    Shooting technology involves the use of large aperture numbers in order to put the product in the depth of field. in this case, even on cameras with a sufficiently large pixel (for example, Canon 5D), the real aperture at which the product fits into the depth of field is already much higher than the limit at which diffraction does not impair sharpness (it is useful to read the article by Vladimir Medvedev about diffraction). Typically, jewelry is shot at apertures from 16 to 26 (for the 35 mm format), at these values ​​the frame can lose up to half of its real resolution due to diffraction. Of course, this drawback must somehow be filled.
  8. Clipping and setting on the background.
    As a rule, the customer prefers to be able to subsequently independently place products on any background he needs. But even if you do not need to change the substrate in the future, anyway the initially available background usually requires refinement (refilling, fixing defects, garbage, etc.), which naturally does not go without clipping. Also, clipping is necessary to separate the object and its reflection, if the shooting was conducted on a mirror background.
  9. Optimization for the web.
    Most often, the main field of application for captured images is the Internet, and most often the customer asks to optimize the received frames for a particular web platform, taking into account its requirements (image size and graphic format).

What is included in retouching jewelry?

Retouching emphasizes the beauty of the product and eliminates its shortcomings. This is quite painstaking manual work. Special care requires the processing of precious stones in Jewelry Retouching Service.

Our master will remove scratches, dust, plaque and other defects, smooth out digital noise, and also take into account all your requirements for processing photos.

After eliminating the defects, we carry out color correction in order to get rid of color irregularities and eliminate the inaccuracy of the color rendering of the camera. Then the item is clipped. If you wish, we can replace the background with a more interesting and presenting one of Jewelry Retouching Service.


Experience and Professionalism

“A photo for processing!” Is a full-fledged service for processing any images. Our advertising processing is not done by ordinary broad-profile photoshoppers, but by professional designers. Therefore, when ordering a retouch of jewelry from us, you get:

  • high-quality photos that effectively present your product;
  • personal master consultant with whom you can chat in chat mode directly on the site;
  • work done on time, taking into account all your wishes.

Our masters process all photos only manually on a graphics tablet. No automatic processing and destructive filters! Therefore, we provide our customers with high quality and serious approach to work.